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With a Zcooly Play subscription you get full access to all ten of our educational games developed by experienced teachers and game developers. Our games are designed for kids from ages 5 – 12, and cover everything from introducing basic mathematics to advanced fractions.

Why Zcooly?

Focus on mathematics

Our main game design principle is to find what is intrinsically fun and exciting with math and turn it into a game mechanic.

Pedagogical structure

The structure of our games is designed by experienced teachers, and follows the same structure as a typical math book.

Math lessons in your pocket

Educational games that are playable in the classroom, at home and everywhere in between.

Customize and follow up

As a teacher using Zcooly Play you can follow up on how your students are doing and send out customized game assignments.

I want to know more

"I downloaded Zcooly for my kids, ages 6 and 10, last week. (…) They stayed away from the TV all night and played the Zcooly games instead. I have never seen them this engaged by an app before!"


Henrik, parent

Three of our ten educational games


For ages 5 - 9

Time Ranch

Practice the clock and run a farmhouse with Zcooly! The children learns and exercises on analogue and digital clock as well as time in text and translation between different forms. Intended for children in primary school.


For ages 5 - 7


Practice mathematics by playing store with Zcooly! Children will learn and exercise: addition, subtraction, order of numbers, double/half and more. Intended for children in primary school.


For ages 8 - 11


Practise mathematics by going treasure hunting! Children learn and exercise i.a.: multiplication och division in different forms. Intended for children in primary school.

For those of who are teachers

A digital learning resource aligned with Common Core

As a teacher you get access to tools and resources that will help you in the classroom.

Class overview and management tools

Customizable game assignments for each individual student

Detailed statistics to assist with individual student and class follow-ups

Zcooly - Because math should be fun!