Zcooly - the math game
making knowledge fun

Make knowledge fun.

At Zcooly we believe in meaningful screen time. Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to experience the joy of learning and to be successful in school.

Our special recipe mixes experience based learning with engaging game design. We offer a world of educational games in which kids between 5 and 12 years can sharpen their math skills.

With the help of stubborn sheep, farting hamsters and cake baking we make knowledge fun!

Why Zcooly?

Focus on mathematics

Our main game design principle is to find that which is intrinsically fun and exciting in math and turn it into games.

Pedagogical structure

The structure of our games is designed by experienced teachers and follows the same progression as a math book.

Math lessons in your pocket

Educational games that can be played in the classroom, at home and everywhere in between.

Keep track of screen time

You will receive an email every other week describing what your child has learned in our games. That's what we call meaningful screen time.

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"Our children love sitting down to learn math now, even the ones who thought it was boring and had a rough time before."

- Satu Nordling Gonzalez

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"Ellah needs to practice multiplications for the math tests this spring and now she has found a fun way to learn. She usually thinks math is kind of hard."

- Therese Wickman

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"I spend all my free time with my girls but unfortunately there is a lot of "musts" that just has to be done. It makes me feel a bit less guilty if I know that the time they spend in front of the screen is meaningful."

- Karin Sätter

Some of our educational games


For ages 5 - 9

Time Ranch

Practice telling time and look after a farm! Your children will practice reading, writing, and setting clock times in both analog and digital forms. Intended for children in primary school.


For ages 5 - 7


Practice math by playing store with Zcooly! Your children will learn and practice addition, subtraction, ordering numbers, patterns, double/half, and much more! Intended for children in primary school.


For ages 8 - 11


Practice math by going treasure hunting! Your children will learn and practice multiplication and division in different forms. Intended for children in primary school.

Keep up to date with your children's progress in our games

We want the time your children spend in front of the screen, no matter how much or how little, to be meaningful.

That is why you, the parent, will receive an update on your children's progress in our games every other week. Your child might have managed to count up to 20, figured out how to read a digital clock, or subtracted different fractions from one another. And the best part is that you will take part in your child's learning experience. Pretty meaningful, right?

Developed by experienced teachers with a strong foundation in Common Core.

Clear and simple descriptions of what your child is learning and what content they have yet to work with.

Personal recommendations based on your child’s progress and needs.