We’ve created a library of articles focusing on how children learn mathematics and common hurdles you as a parent can help them overcome. In addition, you can find articles within other interesting subjects such as screen time and educational play.

Articles on mathematics

Read about Zcooly’s math app for kids.

Math app for kids

Ensure a flying start in mathematics by reading our tips on how to build a solid foundation for your child.

Make math fun for kids!

Learning about fractions can be confusing. This article explains common errors and how to counteract them.

Fractions and kids

How do children learn addition and how can you as a parent help? This article gives you the tools you need to tackle addition with your child.

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Articles on screen time

Tell time with Zcooly's math app

Read our top 5 tips for kids’ screen time.

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Inspiration for educational play

Coloring pages are great for developing fine motor skills. We’ve also created a variant where kids have to use arithmetic operators to color the fields.

Download coloring pages

Ploomp is a multiplication game you can play at home with your family. Have fun and learn at the same time!


Read about Zcooly’s math game for kids.

Math game for kids