Get creative with us! 🎨

Coloring pages with the quirky characters from our games!

You have probably already met Alan, Josanna, Pi or any of our funny characters on the island of Sasmandu. Now you have the opportunity to print and color them too! Download the fun printable coloring pages below.

Coloring helps develop concentration skills and fine motor skills. With Zcooly’s coloring pages you can also practice arithmetic skills such as addition and subtraction.

Psst.. You do know that it’s easier to absorb new knowledge when you’re having fun, right?

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to download coloring pages that you color while practicing math!

There’s a math problem in each field that you have to solve before you can color the field. The answer to the problem will show you which color to use. Fun combined with learning, just the way it should be!