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Knowing what your kids learn has never been more important. Zcooly makes learning fun with educational math games for kids aged 5 to 12 years.

Through Zcooly kids can learn to tell time, addition and subtraction, fractions and much more. Scroll down to read more about our math games.

For kids 6-10

Help Alan with the register, sorting groceries and more fun stuff in The Store.

Alan is preparing his birthday party and needs you to help him manage his store. To help him you’ll have to use mathematics to sell groceries, sort goods and put pieces of a puzzle in the right place.

Educational content:

Double/half, odds/evens, patterns, arrange numbers, number friends, neighboring numbers och number awareness.

For kids 5-9

Take care of Gunnart's animals and learn how to tell time on the Time Ranch.

The animals are hungry! Gunnart the farmer is preparing for the tractor race and needs you to handle the farm. Help Gunnart feed the animals at the right time while practicing telling time.

Educational content:

Analog and digital clocks, reading the clock through text, similarities and differences between different times on a clock.

For kids 9-12

Bake and learn fractions with Josanna in the café.

Josanna has moved to Sasmandu and is opening her very own café. She needs your help to find the right look and to bake cakes! You’ll try lots of different recipes, measure out the ingredients, decorate masterful baked creations and cut cakes to just the right size for the hungry customers.

Educational content:

Fractions, improper fractions, addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractional numbers and much more.

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"Our children love sitting down to learn math now, even the ones who thought it was boring and had a rough time before."

- Satu Nordling Gonzalez

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"Ellah needs to practice multiplications for the math tests this spring and now she has found a fun way to learn. She usually thinks math is kind of hard."

- Therese Wickman

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"I spend all my free time with my girls but unfortunately there is a lot of "musts" that just has to be done. It makes me feel a bit less guilty if I know that the time they spend in front of the screen is meaningful."

- Karin Sätter

Many of us at Zcooly have ourselves struggled with mathematics and we know the feeling that comes with not understanding.

Our recipe for great math games is to find the inherently fun parts of mathematics and use that to encourage learning through games.


Fredrik Andreasson,

Game designer

Why play games to learn math?


Games are great at giving you clear feedback and using it to keep you focused. It's very frustrating losing a game and not knowing why - but if you know why you'll try again and do it right. This is how we learn new things and our game designers are therefore always chasing better ways to convey that feeling of "aha!".


Motivation comes from within and therefore it's important for us to create learning experiences that truly engage the player. Great math games are more than just virtual money and happy exclamations in the game. If the game rewards the child in the wrong instance focus is removed from the goal of learning new things. Our games have lots of rewards that make it fun, but we are conscious of when and how to reward the child to avoid common pitfalls of digital learning.

Adaptive learning

It's not optimal to let your kid's age decide what they'll learn. That's why many of our games are developed to be fun and adaptive to your child's level and need, while still challenging and developing their skills. Games are the most fun when they're challenging without being seemingly impossible to win.

We make learning fun.