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Educational games make for meaningful screentime

In Zcooly’s world you’ll find more than 300 playful math exercises, all of them fun and educational! Our world is created to make math fun. We think we’ve succeeded pretty well at that. Give Zcooly a go yourself and see what your kids think! You can read more about our games below.

Explore the world of Zcooly

When your family subscribes to Zcooly you have access to all of our educational content. Everything is be found in one app that can be used on all units. Easy peasy.

Your kids can each create an avatar and follow their own separate game progression.

For kids aged 5-7

Math Rangers

Captain Pi needs your help to save the hamster crew who’ve crash landed on a desert island!

In Math Rangers kids learn to count up to 100, count forward and backward, use +1 and -1, write numbers 1-20 and much more.

For kids aged 6-10

The Store

Help Alan in The Store 1, 2 and 3.

In the Store kids learn to add and subtract, work with number buddies and patterns while helping customers at the register, feeding the hungry hamsters or sorting groceries on the shelf.

For kids aged 6-9

Time Ranch

Learn how to tell time while you’re helping Gunnart on the ranch!

I Time Ranch kids learn how to tell time on both analog and digital clocks. When you finish a task you earn Zcooly coins so that you can improve the ranch and buy new exciting live stock (like dinosaurs!).

For kids aged 6-9


Help Gunnart and build clocks in the workshop!

In RoboClock kids learn about time as a mathematical unit. Analog and digital clocks from simple to more complex time expressions.

For kids aged 8-10

The Mine

The hamsters have found a treasure map and need your help find the Diamond Cave!

In the Mine the kids multiply and divide with the multiplication and division tables 2-12.

For kids aged 9-11


Fly through Space with the lemurs by using multiplication as fuel!

In Space the kids practice multiplication tables 2-10. There’s even two-player mode! Fun family flight 🚀

For kids aged 9-12

Piece of Cake

Bake cake while using fractions with Josanna in Piece of Cake!

Baking makes fractions a Piece of Cake! On the more advanced levels we use decimals and percentages as well.

Try Zcooly and explore a world of learning 🌱