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In Zcooly’s app you’ll find math games for kids between 5 and 12 years old on a wondrous island called Sasmandu. Lemurs guard the town hall and Pi the space hamster guides your children in their adventure. There’s also a sheep who delivers mail. He’s called Kenny.

We think mathematics is fun, but it can be challenging for many kids.

So we’ve created a math app for kids to make learning fun. Zcooly is developed with experienced educators to ensure quality in everything we do.

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Benefits of Zcooly’s math app for kids

Meaningful screen time

Parents often worry over their children’s screen time. With Zcooly, you can be sure that your kids are in a safe environment and that the time spent is educational.

Adaptive learning

Although our math games have age recommendations we know that all kids are unique. Some find mathematics easy while others need more time to understand the concepts. Our games adapt to each child’s knowledge level to be challenging, but not impossible.

Educational games for all kids

The app that makes mathematics fun

Zcooly is made for kids – read on to see which games are recommended for your child’s age.

Tell time with Zcooly's math app

For kids from 5 years:

For the youngest kids we recommend Zcooly’s games the Store 1 and Math Rangers. Here kids learn addition, subtraction, number sequences and much more. In addition, it’s fun to learn how to tell time in RoboClock and Time Ranch.

For kids from 8 years:

When the child is 8 years old multiplication and division start taking center stage. In the Mine kids help the hamster dig for treasure while learning how to multiply and divide. In the Store 2 kids this age can work with addition and subtraction up to 1000.

For kids from 9 years:

Start using fractions while baking cakes and making smoothies in Piece of Cake! Multiply with a friend in Space and help Alan in the Store 3 with arithmetic using numbers up to 10 000. There’s a lot to learn (and some games are very challenging, sincerely us at Zcooly over 30).

Get to know some of the Zcooly characters

When your child plays Zcooly, they enter an adventure world on the island Sasmandu. Here, they’ll meet lots of fun characters and practice math while helping the islanders in their daily life.


Making fractions a Piece of Cake!

Josanna is the owner of Piece of Cake, a café on Sasmandu in Zcooly’s world. She’s a top notch barista and baker, but needs your help to cater to the eternal stream of customers.

In Piece of Cake your child learns to use fractions, percentages and decimals while having fun baking 🧁


Help Alan in the Store to learn addition, subtraction, number friends and patterns.

Alan needs your child’s help in the Store because he’s busy planning a party (or digging for dinosaur bones or trying to de-haunt his store. There are many projects).

In the Store your child learns arithmetic by helping customers at the Register, sorting goods on the Shelf and feeding the hungry hamsters 🛒


Cuckoo for clocks!

Gunnart is a farmer with a passion for time (though he needs help to keep track of it!). Feed the animals on the farm and learn how to tell time or help Gunnart in his workshop.

Gunnart lives on the TimeRanch where he has his workshop, RoboClock. Your child will learn how to tell time on both digital and analog clocks.

We make learning fun ✨