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Learn multiplication through fun educational games

Zcooly’s multiplication games are created to make learning fun! Developed by game designers and experienced educators, our games are pedagogical and immersive.

Learning multiplication in school can be a lot of fun for kids, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we at Zcooly have developed multiplication games – to make multiplication even more fun or to overcome the initial hurdle of wrapping your head around a new way of thinking. Reap the benefits of combining play with learning.

In our multiplication games your child approaches multiplication in different ways. In the Mine the problems are presented with two given factors and an unknown product, eg. 3*3=X. In Space the kids know the product and the factors are unknown, eg. X*X=9. In Piece of Cake you can even multiply fractions (if you’re up to the task!).

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Siblings can play with their own separate avatars, following their own progression.

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For kids aged 8-10

The Mine

The hamsters have found a treasure map and need your help find the Diamond Cave!

In the Mine the kids multiply and divide with the multiplication and division tables 2-12.

For kids aged 9-11


Fly through Space with the lemurs by using multiplication as fuel!

In Space the kids practice multiplication tables 2-10. There’s even two-player mode! Fun family flight 🚀

For kids aged 9-12

Piece of Cake

Bake cake while using fractions with Josanna in Piece of Cake!

Baking makes fractions a Piece of Cake! On the more advanced levels we use decimals and percentages as well.

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